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    Managed Services

Managed corporate treasury services

By using our managed services, tailored to your needs, your in-house personnel will focus on strategy and performance as we focus on providing a timely and efficient financial and transactional workflow. Our independence enables us to work objectively, always focused on improving your treasury management.


Our knowledge and experience together with the use of leading-edge technologies provide cost-effective solutions to your organization.


We manage your day-to-day treasury tasks


Cash pool and liquidity management

Current accounts management

Multi-currency inter-company funding and lending

Foreign exchange and interest rate hedging

Risk management

Treasury settlements

Group reporting and accounting


"Treasure your time!"


Outsourcing treasury operations

Treasury Management ensured a seamless changeover of business service provider. Our client now focuses on business issues such as working with business units, mergers and acquisitions, long-term funding while our team deals with daily transaction management under defined policies.


Full set-up of front- to back-office services including technology platforms

Fast, punctual changeover of operations within five months after initial contact

Uninterrupted services

Improved visibility and direct access to systems and transactions

Strategic benefits of outsourcing preserved

Full front- to back-office assignment

When an international business was facing the challenge of finding a new harbour for its outsourced corporate treasury activities, Treasury Management assisted in this changeover and was chosen as the new service provider.

The project scope was a full front- to back-office assignment including the set-up of a bespoke system platform to suit the needs of a truly international organization. With a five months’ timetable and a hand-over presentation from the previous service provider, Treasury Management assumed project responsibility to re-establish a robust treasury routine with system infrastructure and internal controls as well as acquiring the conceptual knowledge about the client’s treasury objectives. Interfaces, licenses and additional products were obtained while agreeing upon the framework for policy and guidelines.

We assisted with advice on system selection and processes alongside the actual implementation of these tools and routines. The transformation was accelerated by the client’s in-depth knowledge of supervising an outsourced activity and, in this respect, static data, transactional information together with other procedures could be communicated to us in a structured way. Since the go-live date was halfway into the reporting year we also established historical data to provide a full reporting period.

At the defined transition date, Treasury Management commenced managed services that covered an all-embracing launch of services and technology including intercompany debt and investment management, foreign exchange management, cash- and liquidity management, cash pool management, bank reconciliations, accounting and reporting.

Uninterrupted treasury operation

The client shifted transactional operations without interruption and benefited immediately from a greater transparency of services via the direct system access allowed by our solution. The technical platform was not only more accessible but also more cost efficient. 

Our partnership approach enabled quick, continuous sharing of knowledge so that all objectives of the outsourcing assignment could be met at set-up, at launch, and for long-term management. We continue to work closely with the in-house treasury centres, sharing daily information on the needs and requests from their affiliated companies and contributing with practical advice and execution of ‘on behalf of’ transactions for the locations that cannot immediately deal with the in-house bank.

"Our partnership approach enabled quick, continuous sharing of knowledge so that all objectives of the outsourcing assignment could be met"

Scalable, experienced and hands-on services to match your everyday treasury needs. Call to discuss!

“Our experience of outsourcing has been very positive. We have a more robust and extensive operational and technology infrastructure than we would be able to achieve in-house, whilst maintaining the same degree of visibility and control.”
Group Treasurer

Established, experienced and objective.