Explore if third party vendor payments can be managed via your netting process

Jan Johansson

Coprocess vendor payments.

If running the intra-group payment netting in Coprocess: Take advantage from your existing set-up and explore how to include third party payments in an already known and implemented process. Thorough considerations on process from ERP to settlement, including vendor data and internal controls will need to be made. Also how to link this process to a payment-hub for bulk payments and your existing TMS for follow-up of inhouse-bank balances. This way you can aim for a “POBO-light-solution” via the Coprocess tool.


• Further centralized liquidity control on overseas disbursements
• Enabling an enhanced Cash management strategy, delaying payments e.g. at quarter end if needed
• Most important: You can further manage FX centrally; net payment by business units in local currency and net to suppliers in invoiced currency
• Reduce payment costs: All payments can be sent as low value ACH where possible

Call to discuss - we manage clients intra-group netting process as a service or read more about vendor payments via Coprocess.com

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