New Cash Flow Planning and Cash Visibility launched

Jan Johansson

Always a top priority

Good cash flow forecasting processes, always a top-priority for treasurers and CFO’s. We have listened carefully and bring Cash Visibility, strong scenario modelling, currency exposure reporting and Cash flow planning in one, true cloud powered treasury tool: Q-TREM

Administration, process management, planning and analysis should be straight-forward, therefore you will manage Q-TREM as a self service.

In the all dimensional structure you set-up and define your reporting grid, your transaction types, your bank accounts, cash-pools and other instruments. You group your entities, regions, business units, projects and any number of attributes independently in a flexible way and will combine short-, longer or mixed periods, and consolidate forecasts the way you chose.

Users will upload and report data via simple templates in the ETL tool and can make quick analysis via graphs directly in the input grid for their units.

Know your drivers for change

Good Cash Visibility goes hand in hand with good liquidity- and funding management, with improved internal controls and also with your risk management activities.

This is where we really can help: Actuals in cash flow planning is cash visibility. Two sides of the same coin. Cash visibility presented your way and for your organization.

Flexible upload of bank information, statements via the built-in ETL tool.

The more we follow finance- and treasury forums we understand the need for improved Cash Visibility and Q-TREM is developed for you to take control: Advanced analysis and management reporting under one simple process.

Q-TREM for you to benefit from

Now to summarise Cash flow planning and better Cash visibility

Via Q-TREM your business group can improve its treasury processes around Cash- and cash management reporting.

Improved Cash visibility and exposure reporting in "one-go" via the Cash flow planning process

A high degree of automation and easy connectivity to bank or ERP

You will work in an accessible, flexible and simple self-service service tool that help you excel in your treasury role with a high “buy-in” rate from other stakeholders such as local finance managers and teams.

Increased understanding of cash being a corporate asset, the importance of planning and follow-up, that cash visibility and planning is part of other related processes (such as exposure management) and further - the importance of good internal controls.

Truly cloud based, with information always available "on the fly" for you and your team.

Liquidity planning

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