Set-up and operate your finance branch

Svante Kandel

Set-up and operate your finance branch

An example: This is how we at Treasury Management quickly could help to establish a finance branch with all supporting processes.

In a client’s new geographical set-up, he could immediately achieve treasury enhancements, benefitting from our experience, location and our ‘tried and tested’ partner network.

Secure set-up of an operational environment, including provision of the technical platform

Operational within two weeks from launch

Managed services for professional treasury operations including accounting and branch administration

An experienced team providing hands-on advice to internal counterparts

The narrative: An international business group, seeking a service provider to set-up and operate the activities of its Swiss finance branch, chose Treasury Management as the local branch manager.

Tasks included cash- and liquidity management, management of the inter-company loan portfolio, group- and inter-company reporting including accounting and maintenance of other local business- and reporting requirements. The collaboration with group treasury and other head office functions was established via a first meeting on-site. Treasury Management then assisted the project team with direct contacts to local authorities and all set-up and foundation issues relating to the new branch.

To quickly meet the requirements of a proper treasury administration, we provided a bespoke system functionality: This enabled the client to benefit from our existing hardware and software set-up as well as our general treasury know-how for day-to-day execution, recording and reporting of transactions. Our main task is to manage group internal loans and deposits and thereby related transactions; with business confirmations, supporting documents and reports to the counterpart together with reporting to the group treasury function on currency-, interest- or cash-effects in the loan portfolio including monthly reporting to counterpart, for example, of accrued interest and balances according to given reporting instruction.

We are the main contact for treasury-related matters to other group internal and external counterparts. We provide direct, practical advice to subsidiaries on issues such as international bank accounts, authorizations, effective settlements or currency effects.

For the general administration we provide all services related to ongoing accounting with appropriate maintenance of registers, ledgers, etc. and completed declarations and reports to local authorities. The accounting was set-up in a multicurrency-environment with group internal reporting in the base currency of the group while the statutory reporting can be made in CHF.

To summarise

You will also find the operational benefits of your new Swiss location, and we provide you with

  • Managed services
  • System environment
  • Treasury know-how and our 'service comes first' approach

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