Cash flow planning, Management reporting and Cash Visibility

Management reporting, CFP and Cash Visibility

Cash flow planning and Cash and risk Visibility, always a top priority for CFO's and treasury functions.

Are we heading for a soft landing or a global debt crisis? How will the volatility in currencies, interests, energy or input cost impact my forecast? Is China as well as Europe on the way to recession and how can the central banks' combat inflation without hampering growth or asset prices further?

Corporate treasury challenges mount and best way to stay ahead is having strong scenario and "what-if" analysis tools

We assist with the implementation and set-up of bespoke dashboards for your analysis - and - as part of our managed services Cash Flow Planning is one of your important building blocks for enhanced reporting and control

Cloud empowered treasury management tools

The multifaceted cash flow planning tool, Q-TREM will combine scenario- and sensitivity analysis with cash visibility and customized KPI's for management reporting. We can bring you the latest information ‘on-demand, on-line and on-the-fly’ in a truly cloud empowered way.

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